To connect on a deeper, more meaningful level after you’ve got your listener’s attention in the intrigue stage, your messages must resonate.

Resonating takes relating a step further by considering the technical components of your messages like language and how you frame information.

The Resonate stage also considers the persuasive influence of counterarguments and how to overcome them as well as what makes a message “sticky” (memorable).

Finally, the Resonate stage looks at boosting the relevance of your messages by identifying shared identities and common goals.

Choosing words and tactics that resonate build engagement and trust. A listener will make an emotionally based choice to connect because something you said resonated with them. And once they’re engaged, what you’re saying will be more memorable and therefore more easily accessible when retrieving information at a later date (versus accessing a myth or misinformation).

To learn how to make your words and messages resonate and stick, check out the FSG Lab workshop or follow our blog for tips and tools.

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