The Nurture stage is where transparency is cultivated and trust is built. These two elements are key to nurturing the farm to consumer relationship.

Leaders of high-engagement cultures understand the importance of developing communications that are clear, concise, and impactful. They carefully note what works and nurture what’s good.

This means finding the right information balance so that you don’t cause cognitive overload or trip off the backfire effect, but that does stimulate critical thinking.

In the Nurture stage you’ll continue to engage with your audience through emotional resonance and carefully worded soundbites during teachable moments. You’ll slowly help your listener reposition their reality (i.e., adjust their perspectives about agriculture in general or specific ag-related topics).

This continuous attention to relationship building grows highly engaged audiences that create brand ambassadors who will search you out for credible information moving forward.

Manage your communications like you manage your farm; those same small and successive changes, windows of opportunity, hard work and persistence will eventually pay off.

To learn how to nurture the farm to consumer conversation, check out the Myth Debunking workshop or FSG Minis workshops. You can also follow our blog for tips and tools.

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