Brain-to-brain communication design

The human brain is a funny machine.

It’s been doing its job for millennia, yet unlike a tractor, it doesn’t require regular maintenance. It uploads, computes and updates regularly without manual adjustments and all this immense computing capacity is easily transportable and accessible at a millisecond’s notice.

And it’s efficient: in order to cope with constant stimulus and information input, our brains have evolved to cope with the overload by employing heuristics (mental shortcuts) to help sort and simplify it all.

Of the 11 million bits of information flying around out there per second, our brains can only process 40 bits per second. Mental shortcuts might help us process it all in a timely manner, but at what cost to our ability to absorb, retrieve and communicate information?

These shortcuts lead to assumptions, faulty reasoning, misunderstandings, and biases – on both sides of the fence.

Alba PR uses psychological science to help farmers have better farm to consumer conversations.

Our advice is based on the principle of “brain-to-brain” communication.

All human brains are designed the same way. It doesn’t matter what country you come from or what ethnicity you are, all our brains have the same basic anatomy and functions. Think of it like a tractor engine: all diesel engines have the same components and are designed to work the same way. Once you understand how one works, you can easily understand them all, no matter the brand.

This similarity in our brain functions turns out to be a great asset when it comes to communicating, because once you understand how one brain receives, processes, stores, and retrieves information, you understand how they all do.

If you understand how the brain works then you can proactively create messages that will intrigue and resonate with your reader/listener, and nurture that delicate and critical farm to consumer relationship. It takes the ag industry’s much-touted idea of building trust with consumers back a step to a crucial, foundational level. After all, you can’t build trust unless you know how the brain measures that value – which brings us to the basics of brain function and science.

Brain-to-brain communication also helps you meet a listener where they’re at in terms of how much they know about a topic and understand why they feel the way they do about an issue. Ultimately, it will help you feed your audience the right information at the right time in the right way.

Every human brain functions essentially the same way. Learning to communicate brain-to-brain allows you to leverage that knowledge to boost the impact of your messages and catalyze your power to persuade.

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